Craig DeVore – Owner, CEO, Greenville, SC.

Craig DeVore divides his time between circulating in the Operating Room and swinging from branches in trees. Craig learned the art of tree removal while working for a local arborist company during his time at West Virginia University. What started as a casual side gig to help pay his way through nursing school quickly led to a deep passion for work in the canopy. An avid rock climber turned arborist, Craig quickly transitioned his rope management and proprioceptive skills toward efficient maneuvering in the tree. The unique hours of nursing allowed him to continue tree work on his days off. He has spent more than four years honing his removal and pruning skills and has left many customers pleased with his work. He is very excited to bring his tree services to Greenville, SC and hopes DeVore’s Arbor Care will grow into a successful business that provides quality work for the local community.

Eric Fizer – Owner, COO, Greenville, SC.

Eric is from Morgantown, West Virginia. He’s a rock climber turned arborist, who received his Masters of Science in Mechanical Engineering from West Virginia University. The combination of ability to understand rope systems, and comfort with moving above ground is ideal for an arborist.

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